At a Glance

Widodo Makmur Unggas At A Glance

Distinctively Meaningful Contribution to the Country

Widodo Makmur Unggas is an integrated poultry business which controls large-scale feed mills, breeding farms, hatchery mills, commercial farms, layer farms, slaughterhouse and related partnership operations. Under the ardent support of our capable team, innovative management system, profound farming know-how, full community collaboration, and exemplary facilities and technology; we manage to ensure reliable delivery of our high quality products across Indonesia.

Widodo Makmur Unggas is more than just a company. We have the cogent reason why we are here, now and then. We are here to help bring a purposeful living to the country. We view business as a way of our contribution to Indonesia’s economy and people’s wellbeing. We have developed to be a humble company that takes every possible endeavor to pay attention to our human resources while establishing long-lasting and harmonious relations with the local farmers and the community. Our foundation is built with strong roots in the farmer’s community as we wish to bridge their growth and nurture their prosperity. We are sure that the key to future business success lies in our determination to give back to the community.