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Giving Back


We believe in the value of collaboration: in growing together, prospering together and building a better Indonesia together. Establishing good relationships with partners creates mutual trust and develops positive
morals and therefore will support productivity. We have engaged in collaborative work with many partners since the very beginning and together we witness how the business grows and prospers. The partnership is aimed at developing business ecosystem and improving poultry industry at every scale.

Giving Back

Joglo Tumiyono

Joglo Tumiyono is an ingenious program dedicated to the development of human resources in the community and to improve their wellbeing. The program occurs in three sub-programs, namely Entrepreneurship Program, Human Capital Development Program and Social Responsibility Program.

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Giving Back

The Work Based Academy Program

The Work Based Academy (WBA) program is a capacity building program whereas Widodo Makmur Unggas partnering with Gadjah Mada University to provide the participants with extensive understanding on the business process of livestock industry and an opportunity to work while getting hands-on experience within the environment of PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa and its various line of businesses. 

The learning process is carried out both in and out off classroom. The participants were selected from various universitie which allow for more efficient and effective corporate human resource recruitment process.

Customer Responsibility Program (CSR)

The program is designed to provide tangible benefits to the community, the environment, and the Company’s stakeholders. This program ‘WMU untuk Negeri” is expected to build and maintain a dynamic balance between the community’s economic performance and social performance. Our CSR approach emphasizes on creation of shared value, about how our company and the business opportunities create new markets, improve profitability of the community and strengthen its competitive positioning. Currently our Social Responsibility Program has been conducted in 5 different locations, involving 21 institutions and more than 6,500 people.