Strategic Partnership

We believe in the value of collaboration: in growing together, prospering together and building a better Indonesia together. Establishing good relationships with partners creates mutual trust and develops positive morals and therefore will support productivity. We have engaged in collaborative work with many partners since the very beginning and together we witness how the business grows and prospers. The partnership is aimed at developing business ecosystem and improving poultry industry at every scale.

Our Priority on People, Community, and Country

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is about Creating Shared Value, that integrate social and environmental impact into the business, using that integration to drive economic value. We placed our priority on the people, community and country by providing two types of partnerships, namely Strategic Partnership and Local Community Partnership.

Local Community Partnership

We work together with the local community’s breeders (peternak rakyat) and develop them by means of series of training and mentoring to help make successful farmers and entrepreneurs.

Our local partner’s performance highly depends on their knowledge and the skill they develop to attain greater productivity. We develop our partners’ human resources by providing related knowledge in poultry business management, use of technology, financial management, and product standardization.

We also provide investment access to partners to help them acquired familiarity with funding facilities such as bank loans and other investments in the form of provision of supporting tools and technology for better business operation. Under this program, we have a clear target in mind, namely direct impact to the beneficiaries, reduction of unemployment figures and increased partners’ income.