Integrated Business becomes the Mainstay of Widodo Makmur Poultry in the Livestock Industry

16 Oct 2022 / Admin / 140 Reads, Jakarta – The increase in   Gross Domestic Product (GDP) every year encourages  people's purchasing  power. This is an opportunity for PT Widodo Makmur Unggas (WMU) to take a niche in the integrated livestock industry.

"Indonesia's GDP per capita is increasing every year and in 2020 it is already around 4,100 USD per capita.  With the increase in GDP,  chicken meat  consumption continues to rise every year.  Chicken  meat is  the type  of  meat that  is most in demand by Indonesians," said Wahyu Andi Susilo, Finance Director of  PT Widodo Makmur Unggas in  a written statement   in Jakarta, Thursday (10/15/2020).

To ensure the  availability of chicken meat, Andi  further said, the existence of WMU answers the  opportunity for the  needs and demand for  chicken  meat by having the largest  chicken slaughterhouse facility  in Indonesia, which    Of course, it will be very beneficial for the sustainability of national food.  Through vertical  integration, opportunities are formed at every point in a series of business processes.

  WMU will be a     player to  be reckoned with in Indonesia, because the  Company has a significantly different business model  compared to other players who have been in   the United States for much longer. poultry industry.

"Clear differentiation  from WMU, with the main focus on providing chicken meat," said Andi.

As  a  young company  , the implementation of agile   company management, ensuring that  the  Company  will  continue to grow and develop, the more trust  will be received from customers   and  business partners.

Especially in the midst of the  Covid-19 pandemic,  the  Company's special strategy  will actually strengthen  the  cooperation carried out and strengthen its differentiation so that it   further strengthens Widodo Makmur Unggas'  position in Indonesia.

Responding to the addition of  cooperation partners   with MSMEs, according to Andi, management ensures the  target of adding MSME  partners, because the  Company has very promising projections.

In Indonesia, 99 percent of  business actors come from MSMEs.  The number of businesses  in Indonesia is 62 million units and 99 percent are  MSMEs, and the rest  are large-scale  businesses.

"Of course, we will  continue to add MSME  partners that   we will foster together.  Moreover, WMU also has  a mission to  contribute to the  country by becoming a bridge for  the welfare of  farmers and ranchers in Indonesia, and MSMEs are certainly one of the pillars  of  the nation's  economy.  Currently, those who have become our  partners are definitely above 10,000 MSMEs," explained Andi.

WMU creates standardized  operations based on research strengths  in determining the best livestock  genetics,  feed and agricultural technology,  strictly implements bio-security   and pays attention to animal welfare   (animal's welfare) on the farm.

 This business model  connects various food productions to create value chains, replicated across  product categories in the target market, with protein  consumption driven by  population growth,  conditions  economy and people's preferences.

PT Widodo Makmur Unggas (WMU) is engaged in  vertically integrated chicken farming. WMU has business units  including breeding farms, hatcheries, commercial broiler farms,  commercial layer farms, slaughterhouses, and feedmills in several facility  locations spread across  Java.